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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Stelmach will step down as Alberta premier in September

EDMONTON - Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach has told Conservative party officials he will officially step down as leader in September.

In a letter to party members obtained by The Journal, Stelmach said he has informed the party’s executive committee that following the spring legislature sitting he will write to the PC president indicating he plans to step down in September.

If that’s the timeline, the party’s official leadership race won’t begin until the fall.

“I have asked the executive committee to appoint a leadership election committee to plan for a leadership vote in September of 2011,” Stelmach said it his


One source in the party said Stelmach’s timeline “isn’t being well received” by members who want him to speed up his exit to allow the party to choose a new leader as soon as possible. They worry that a seven-month exit will create a leadership vacuum and grind government work to a crawl.

Others say Stelmach should be free to set his own agenda.

“I think it’s very appropriate,” said Health Minister Gene Zwozdesky. “It gives us time to complete the spring session, complete the new budget and new legislation. It gives people over the summer time to plan. The premier has done a very good job under some very difficult circumstances and I think he has made a good decision regarding the timing.”

Battle River-Wainwright MLA Doug Griffiths said he thinks the Conservative caucus will be satisfied with the timing.

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