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Monday, February 7, 2011

Egypt protests: government to meet key opposition figures

The standoff between Egyptian anti-government protesters and their 82-year-old president has continued into its 12th day, with Cairo's central square still under occupation and Hosni Mubarak maintaining his refusal to stand down.
In an effort to break the deadlock, a group of prominent opposition figures said they would meet newly appointed vice-president Omar Suleiman later today to discuss the possibility of him assuming power for a transitional period.
The opening of any negotiations now between the government and opposition forces is being fiercely opposed by a wide swath of the pro-change movement, including the Muslim Brotherhood, former UN nuclear weapons chief Mohamed ElBaradei and many of the pro-change demonstrators on the ground, all of whom believe that talks should only begin after Mubarak resigns.
After a relatively peaceful night in Tahrir Square following a huge "day of departure" rally yesterday that once again brought hundreds of thousands on to the streets of downtown Cairo, opponents of the regime are beginning to cast around for new tactics in their struggle to unseat a president who is proving stubbornly resistant to all attempts at toppling him.


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